About Meral

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About Meral

Meral Ozerdinc is a top Toronto realtor who exudes confidence, and she feels a deep responsibility toward her clients. After having a conversation with Meral, you will not be able to shake the feeling that you need her on your side, whether you are in the market to buy or sell your luxury home.

When working with sellers, she focuses on a results-driven approach. She always makes it her goal to achieve the best possible sale price for her clients. Real estate is one of the most valuable assets, and the selling process should be as stress-free as possible. When working with buyers, she works tirelessly to find the perfect home by actively listening, inquiring and advising.

Her background in psychology ensures that she understands what clients are looking for and how important it is to look at the human side of real estate, not just the transactional aspect of things

Meral honed her people skills at York University, where she studied psychology, before working in the family construction business for more than ten years. Meral has the strong leadership and negotiation skills that are important in a competitive real estate market.

Her work ethic and tenacious nature have shown her to be a real force in the Toronto real estate market.

She has kept a positive attitude, worked hard, and continued persevering in her goals regardless of the economy and market.

Meral exemplifies all the qualities that a successful luxury real estate agent should possess, including credibility, confidence, compassion, effective negotiating skills, and sound judgement. In addition to all this, Meral’s clients have c trust in her because of her sincere and caring personality, humanity, and attention to detail that she pays to her work.

She makes an effort, in everything she does, to be the most level-headed person in the room. She is an excellent communicator as well as an excellent listener, and because she is aware that the process of buying and selling real estate can be stressful for her clients, she makes it a priority to display compassion, self-assurance, and leadership.

Meral is enhancing the real estate market experience for both her buyers and sellers by incorporating 21st-century digital housing marketing strategies. Her approach to real estate is fresh and distinctive, and she is using these strategies. She is well-versed with social media marketing, and she is always present wherever buyers and sellers are. She understands that the market is always evolving, and she wants to make sure that she is always one step ahead of it by continually adapting, utilizing techniques that are on the cutting edge of innovation, and remaining a lifelong student of her craft.

Every time there is a transaction, Meral makes it her goal to work cooperatively with the agents on both sides. “The best deals occur when both agents are calm and collected, and they always keep the needs of the client in the forefront of their minds”.

Forest Hill Brokerage

Meral is an agent at the prestigious Forest Hill Brokerage in Toronto. Since 1985, Forest Hill Brokerage has been considered one of the premier companies for luxury real estate in Toronto, giving Meral a wealth of experience and knowledge upon which she can build.

You can find more information about Forest Hill Brokerage by clicking here.

A resident of Toronto

The city of Toronto is home to a large number of diverse neighbourhoods, each of which has a character of its own. Meral is familiar with these areas and is aware of the specific allure that each one possesses for prospective residents. The allure of Toronto’s multicultural way of life is something that she is well aware of, as is the city’s rising status as a leading international city.

By living in Yorkville for the past seven years and being an active member of the community, she has developed a strong passion and devotion to providing service to her community, in addition to having first-hand experience of what it is like to live here.

On the weekends, when she is not showing property or taking on a new listing, Meral can frequently be found enjoying an active lifestyle. She loves to travel and experience new cultures as much as possible—which helps her to connect with her clients on a whole new level

From travelling the world and living in five cities across North America, Meral has an open mind approach with worldly ideas and perspectives that make her outlook/approach unique

Why choose Meral as your real estate agent in Toronto?

Meral exudes efficiency and knowledge and dreams big. Nothing is impossible. She cares deeply for her clients and ensures that she always puts their interests first, making her a top realtor in Toronto. Building a successful business is not dependent on the transactional aspect but rather on the building of relationships and a strong repertoire for delivering results.

Her attention to detail is second to none, looking at the very smallest of details to make sure her clients walk away with their dream homes. When preparing to sell your home, you are essentially selling a product that you want to create demand for. In any market, it is important as a seller to have guidance through staging, photography, marketing, and all of the details that bring together a home buyers will flock to. There is no room for a lack of detail and perfection. After all, buying a property is a massive deal, especially if you are buying your first home!

Meral will continue to build her real estate business in Toronto on referrals and repeat business from clients who trust and respect her.

What will Meral do as your realtor?

She educates her buyers and helps them through each step of the process. She makes sure that they understand what is realistically available within budget, that they understand the financing process when necessary, and that the vision is clear by understanding what exactly it is they’re looking for.

Some of the things that she will do for you include:

Meral has a large network consisting of trades, mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, real estate agents, and other professionals in the real estate industry. If your need is not within her expertise, she will be able to refer you to the correct individual within her network whose quality of work she trusts.
When you are house hunting in a market saturated by buyers, it is essential that you get pre-approved for a mortgage if you will need one. Meral will be able to guide you and put you in touch with a lender who can do this for you, and whom you can trust.

By asking you pointed questions that are designed to help you define exactly what you want, Meral will be able to save you both time and effort.
She will be able to direct your attention to the ideal location, neighbourhood, school district, property type, and other aspects of the real estate market and will meticulously search for on and off-market properties in order to locate the ideal home for you.

When you have found the house of your dreams, it is time to put in an offer. It can be tricky to know how to strategize. This is where Meral’s experience comes in. She is well qualified to assist you in putting in the right offer. She will work hard to secure the most favourable price for you.

It should come as no surprise that not all home inspectors are created equal. Meral is familiar with the most qualified home inspectors in the area and will be able to put you in touch with them. In order to avoid purchasing a money pit when you buy a home, you need to have it inspected before you buy it.

Because it is possible for home inspectors to overlook issues, it is important to bring in a second set of eyes to look over the property. Meral is genuinely interested in providing her client with the strongest sense of representation and will be present at the home inspection to ensure that everything goes as it should.
Prospective buyers may have difficulty determining which issues warrant undue concern and which do not warrant such concern when looking at a property. As a top realtor in Toronto, Meral will be able to guide you in determining which concerns are the most important ones for you to focus on.

During the process of purchasing real estate, there are many instances in which things undergo ongoing change. Each time there is a change in the environment, every significant participant in the transaction needs to be aware of what is taking place and be prepared to respond appropriately.
Meral will ensure that open lines of communication are maintained between all of the parties involved in the transaction so that the process can proceed smoothly.
Having strong communication skills is one of the most important qualities to have, regardless of whether you are representing a buyer or a seller, and this is something Meral has in abundance.
She will maintain consistent communication with other agents and attorneys throughout the closing process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

When it comes to closing, there are a surprising number of details that need to be addressed; walk through of the home, appraisal, lawyers, and taxes, to name a few. It is key to hire the right agent who can professionally and seamlessly ensure final closing matters are in order.

What else does a buyer or seller want?

When selling your property, it is important to have an agent who understands what features of a home make it desirable, what buyers want in a home, what adds value and what needs to be improved in order to create a stronger presence in the market. With her years of experience in real estate and her worldly perspective, Meral can provide her guidance on these matters so that you can have the best opportunity to earn profit from your property.

Expertise in negotiating and making offers

No buyer or investor wants to unknowingly overpay for a property. Meral will always employ sophisticated methods which combine knowledge of the current market, understanding of the subject property and the seller’s motivation, to culminate a strategy in order that will allow you to feel confident and comfortable in purchasing real estate. She is not afraid to put her strong-willed nature and negotiation skills to use.

Your legal protection is guaranteed by Meral's meticulous attention to every detail, whether you are looking to buy or sell a property

For a smooth real estate transaction in Toronto, Ontario, or to find out more about the Toronto real estate market, get in touch with Meral today. A true real estate professional, she knows exactly what to do to help you sell or buy your dream home today.